Teenage Dream
Fear is temporary
Regret is forever.
A 17 year old girl
living in sunny California.
-Enjoy Life Before It's To Late-
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This is from the slut walk. One of the arguments is that girls ask for rape because they wear slutty clothes, short skirts, tight, low-cut tops. This girl is an example of the fact that rape victims can look like anyone, you, me, this girl. Rapists. Dont. Discriminate.

I promised a long time ago that I’d reblog this whenever I saw it on my dash. No regrets, it breaks my heart every single time.

an incredibly important message, rape is rape. no one is ever asking for it. a woman has the right to dress how ever they want - it is society that identifies risque dressing as ‘asking for it’, and in my opinion, that way of thinking needs to be diminished.

Seriously if you see this and don’t reblog it, I have NO respect for you

Everyone should re-blog this.  YES, IT IS THAT IMPORTANT! 
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